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Villa Graça – Hostels & Apartments is located in the heart of the city of Santarém, next to Igreja da Graça, consolidating the offer of accommodation in Hostel and in Standard and Superior Apartments, decorated by Isabel Sá Nogueira, awarded internationally for other works developed in the same scope.

This development was born from the requalification of several buildings, having maintained its historical and aesthetic value, as well as its authenticity and architectural pieces, such as:

  • The Gothic Arch on the main façade was preserved and maintained, a unique element in Santarém, converted into the entrance door of one of the apartments;
  • Records of Roman and Medieval walls, found in the requalification of interior spaces, were preserved and maintained;
  • The originality of the design of the existing doors and windows was maintained, having been recreated;
  • The access stairway to Floor 1 was recovered, having designed stairs identical to the access to Floor 2;
  • The existing wrought iron works, which characterize not only the emergence of new artifices of the time, but also the decorative pieces associated with the bourgeoisie, constitute decorative riches of the buildings that were maintained, having been designed to be used in order to maintain authenticity. historical;
  • The existing arch in the dining room has been recovered.

Aspects of Historical and Cultural interest are part of the DNA of Villa Graça – Hostels & Apartments, a situation that motivated the bet on the acquisition of two unique works of art:

– On the façade is the Poupa, a work with a dimension of about 6.0×2.8 meters, signed by Bordalo II, an internationally renowned artist who reuses used materials transforming them into art, with the aim of raise awareness of a society markedly marked by excessive consumption and waste. Bordalo II is an artist with successful exhibitions in countries such as the USA, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Switzerland.

– In the central courtyard there is a work by Osir – another Portuguese Artist of Urban Art – executed from mirrors, to create a composition that corresponds to the rose window of Igreja da Graça, one of the most emblematic monuments of Santarém and which served as inspiration in the development of Villa Graça’s brand image.

Visit us, stay in one of our accommodations, take a tour of the city, discover nearby cities. While you’re here, the challenge will be to find the time to pay a visit to the Ribatejo wine route.


Villa Graça – Hostels & Apartments aims to be recognized as a reference, nationally and internationally, both for the level of excellence and personalization of the service provided, and for the innovation associated with the concept, maintaining an exemplary policy in the fields of safety and environment.


We intend to provide moments of comforting rest, in a space where history has been preserved, meeting the needs of those who stay with us for one or more nights.

The friendliness and availability in the reception is one of our premises, as well as making the comfort and well-being of our guests a memorable stay, in a clean, practical and elegant environment. We want you to feel at home!


We are driven by values such as professionalism, honesty, friendliness and ambition. Treating others well and making them feel at home is our constant concern, both with our guests and with our team, the two pillars of this operation!

Our Team...
our Family

Alexandra Cotrim

Operational Manager for Villa Graça

Graça Durão




Patrícia Correia

Responsible for the Cleaning Team

Cláudia Dias



Reception / Reservations


Reception / Reservations


Reception / Reservations

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